Holiday and Unauthorised Leave

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No parent has the right to take their children out of school.

Children have 13 weeks holidays.

You will not normally be given permission for any of these reasons:-

  • Extended leave requests will not normally be granted in school term time.  Where exceptional circumstances exist, a maximum of 5 days may be granted.
  • If your child is in Reception, Year 2 or Year 6 they will never be granted permission, until after assessment periods are finished in May.
  • If your child has poor attendance records, unless related to medical issues.
  • If your child has taken time out of school in the past key stage.
  • If it is the first two weeks of a new school year.

Permission will not be given for:-

  • Family Weddings
  • Meeting people at the airport
  • Buying clothes, or having haircuts
  • Visiting family in other parts of the UK for any reason

Permission will not be given because:-

  • The holiday, or flight is cheaper
  • The weather is better
  • A family member can only get time off work during school time
  • Having medical treatment abroad that is available in the UK
  • Hajj – the school judges Hajj to be a once in a lifetime event. Parents may wish to consider the nature of Hajj and whether it is suitable for children of a primary age. A request for Hajj may result in permission being granted in excess of 10 days but never more than 20 days. Once approval has been granted documentary evidence, such as plane tickets and accommodation details will need to be presented to show that Hajj is being observed. This will be classed as extended leave within the key stage and once granted cannot be requested again.


Parents need to fill in the contract on the other side and return it to school for the Headteacher to sign.  The Headteacher will then make a decision on whether or not to provide permission. A copy of the contract can be downloaded by clicking here.


If permission is not given and your child is still taken out of school:-

* this will be an unauthorised absence and go on their school records.

* a fine warning will be sent to you

* if your child is absent for 5 school days, a fine will be issued, this will be £60 for each child and each parent.

*if your child does not return to school after 9 days, the Attendance Officer will become involved.

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