Complaints Procedure

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The vast majority of concerns can be resolved informally. There are many occasions where the class teacher, office staff, or the Head Teacher, can resolve concerns straight away. It is in everyone’s best interests that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. Complainants must feel able to raise their complaint with members of staff without any formality, either in person, by telephone or in writing. This allows staff to establish whether a person is asking a question, expressing an opinion or making a complaint.

The member of staff first contacted will clarify the nature of the complaint and re-assure the complainant that the school wants to hear about it. Once a complaint has been received by a member of staff they will determine whether they are the best person to resolve the complaint. The complaints co-ordinator should be informed of the complaint.

The School respect the views of any complainant and if they express a difficulty in discussing their complaint with a particular member of staff the complaints co-ordinator will refer the complainant to another member of staff.

Where the complaint concerns the Head Teacher, the complaints co-ordinator will refer the complainant to the Chair of Governors.


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