Our Vision and Mission

The Valley Community School recognises that each child is an individual and that each has the ability to reach their full potential. Therefore, the school in partnership with parents and the local community seeks to fulfill this potential by respecting the needs of individual children, fostering a caring and creative environment and emphasising the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child.

Our Vision Statement

“A world class centre of outstanding learning”

To achieve this we:

  • are embracing the principles of lifelong learning, best use of new technology and “Visible learning”.
  • are developing an international understanding of our place in the world.
  • are developing leaders and critical thinkers of tomorrow.

Our Mission Statement

“Together we’re better”

Our guiding principles are:

  • we work closely with our community
  • we broaden our pupils’ perspectives
  • we teach understanding and respect for others
  • we value everyone’s abilities and support each other